10 Reasons To Go Glamping With Land & Wave

10 reasons to go Glamping in Dorset this Summer


1. 100% Relaxation


Glamping takes all the faff out of camping. Forget arguing over tent pegs and mallets, we pre-pitch your tents so you’re ready to Glamp & Go! Arrive, relax, enjoy. Then at the end of your weekend, simply toddle off and we’ll deal with the take-down.

2. Fresh Air & Starry Skies

When was the last time you took a deep breath and inhaled fresh, clean air? Our Glamping site is surrounded by trees, on the edge of a quiet town. No smog or fumes, just lovely lung-loving fresh air. At night, the clear skies are a crisp light-show of stars – no light pollution, simply a ceiling of twinkly wonderment!

3. Quality time with family & Friends

Good conversation is hard to come by these days, without the interruption of phones, iPads and TV. Gather your favourite people together in your own Glamping Village and enjoy the art of talking, laughing and playing. Together. No screens required.

4. Beach & Countryside on your doorstep

We’re ideally located to offer the beach and the countryside all in one lovely spot. Swanage and The Purbecks has some of the most incredible scenery in the UK and is a playground for walkers, nature lovers, sun worshippers and cider slurpers.

5. Alfresco dining

Feel free to light up a BBQ and enjoy a feast in the sunshine. If you fancy a treat, we have lovely local caterer friends at Love Cake who can rustle up something delicious and deliver it to your glamp site. They can do picnic hampers, scrumptious suppers and elegant afternoon teas. Or book your own private dining room at their stunning restaurant in town.

6. Guilt-free lounging

Glamping is about kicking back and winding down. Take your watch off – who cares what time it is, just float along the day enjoying the fact you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere. Pimms O’Clock or Gin O’clock are the only times you need to concern yourself with.

7. The perfect base for adventure activities

Coasteering - Quad jump

If your idea of relaxation is being busy, then we will happily fill your days with plenty of exhilarating activities. Add coasteering, sea kayaking, bushcraft, rock climbing or raft building to your weekend for just £35 when you book your Glamping Weekend with us. (Min group size 6)

8. A short stumble back from the pub


Swanage is home to proper pubs. Proper pubs that serve proper beer and proper cider. Thankfully our Glamping Site is within a short tipsy trundle back after  a proper good evening.

9. Direct from London in 2.5 hours

Escape the city and catch the train direct from London Waterloo to Wareham. From Wareham, our site is just a 20 minute taxi ride. Your Glamping Village awaits for a weekend of fun and frolics with friends.

10. Something to talk about on Monday


Do you find yourself struggling to remember what you did at the weekend? Feel like the drudgery has taken over? Get glamping, get outside, get together with friends and make life exciting again. That is all.

To book your Glamping weekend this Summer go to www.glampingindorset.co.uk or call 01202 460 440

10 April 2014 by TheBox

Just float along the day enjoying the fact you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere

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