A journey into the outdoor industry…Part 1 – The Training

A career changing journey captured in Facebook posts…


This is a 2-part post aimed at giving you an insight into the incredible journey of some young adventures pursuing a career in the outdoor industry. 

We shall tell this story through the medium of Facebook posts!

The first part looks at their life on our AIT course and the second part will look at working for us as seasonal staff.

The journey begins…

Starting the course..

…and quickly get stuck into some hardcore training…

ML training with Land & Wave
First Multi pitch

…the hard work pays off with plenty of qualifications…

Simon Coasteering Guide
Screenshot 2014-07-01 09.49.39

..make some new ‘outdoor friends’ (Inbetweeners style)…

At Lulworth Youth Hostel
Evening fun

… but not just human friends…

Nats Worm

But there is always time to tell old friends about their epic experience…

Telling friends about the course

10 July 2014 by TheBox

If anyone wants to change their life and have the lifestyle that others only ever dream of this could be for you

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