Camp Bestival 2018 – The Greatest Family Festival Kit List

Festival season is upon us. Here's Land & Wave's essential packing guide to help eliminate the last-minute family festival frenzy.


I’m heading to Camp Bestival for the first time this year with my six-year-old daughter and we are beyond excited! We won’t need to travel far, it’s being held in the grounds of Lulworth Castle which is just a short hop away from Land & Wave HQ.

If you love the build-up and planning, then I highly recommend searching for any associated festival groups online. I’ve joined the ‘Camp Bestival (official) Campers Group’ on facebook, which is a daily stream of questions and tips about what to bring, what to wear, toilet queue hacks, fancy dress suggestions etc. Some people might find it a bit overkill, but as a first-timer, it’s just making me really excited!

I’ve put together a quick guide for people venturing off to festivals with the family this summer – hopefully it helps with relieve the packing process a little!

Festival guide

Top 10 Tips For Festivals with Kids

  1. Pack the kids pyjamas in your day bag, so they can get cosy in the evening and you can pop them straight in bed when you return to your tent in the evening
  2. Listen to the headliners’ music at home, so the kids get to know the songs before you arrive
  3. Pack lots mini paper bags with treats that the kids can have during the day – this will save you a whole lot of £
  4. Bring refillable drinks bottles and refill them during the day
  5. Invest in ‘Rock Pegs’ or similar hard ground tent pegs if it’s been particularly dry
  6. Pop a foil blanket under your airbed for extra insulation
  7. Festival trollies are great if you have young kids – a bike trailer is a great alternative, which is easy to manouver
  8. Freeze everything! Bags of wine, milk, Capri-Sun, bacon, sausages, meals such as chilli or curry – it saves space on ice packs and keeps your beers cold
  9. Bring games or colouring for downtime back at the tent
  10. Head to Poundland or Home Bargains and pick up bubble wands, light up toys and glow sticks that normally cost a fortune at festivals

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Download The Essential Kit List

We’ve put together a list of all the essentials you need to pack for your Festival Adventure. Don’t forget, there’s often a bit of a walk from the car park to the camping fields, so pack smart or plan for a couple of trips back to the car.

The Camp Bestival FestiTaxi

Camp Bestival offers a paid ‘FestiTaxi’ service to shuttle you to your pitch or you can hire trollies by the hour if you need a helping hand.

Download Your Festival Kit List

17 July 2018 by Rosie Tanner

A little bit of pre-festival prep will make all the difference. Get organised, pre-buy snacks and light-up whizzy toys to save £’s and keep the kids happy

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