St. Davids kayaking weekend

Land & Wave's Graham explores the awesome tidal races and caves in Pembrokeshire. Check out his amazing photos from his latest mini adventure


Kayaking ‘The Bitches’ – the tidal race and set of rocks between Ramsey Island and the west Welsh coastline near St Davids – has been sat idle on my bucket list for years. Fortunately an old paddling friend made made it all rather easy; “Turn up and this campsite and this day and we’ll go from there.” Nice

As a keen kayaker, The Bitches definitely lived up to the hype.

A surprise bonus highlight was the opportunity to explore the stunning cliffs and caves along stunning Pembrokeshire coastline. Thanks to Bob at TYF  for showing us around!

A few soul surfs…

Surfing. Graham Surfing

Some chill time at Blue Lagoon waiting for the tide to come in…

Coasteering. Blue Lagoon 1
Coasteering. High jump Blue Lagoon

Some exploring after kayaking

Coasteering. Ben Jumping
Coasteering. Ben 2
Coasteering.  Group Entry
Coasteering. The Cave - Group 1
Caving. Group in Cave
Coasteering. Group at End

16 July 2018 by Graham Milton

St Davids in Pembrokeshire is a stunning place to visit. If you’re after a quick adventure fix, then it’s the ideal spot for an adrenalin-fuelled weekend.

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