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Working outdoors qualifications

  • Kayaking

    10 or more Under 18s
  • £29
  • AM or PM
  • Under 18's only
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Private Group
  • Kayaking

    1 - 5 people
  • £200
  • AM or PM
  • A private session
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  • Kayaking

    6 or more people
  • £39
  • AM or PM
  • £100 deposit secures your date.
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Working outdoors qualifications

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Our 2-seater kayaks are perfect for all abilities. It's the best way to explore the amazing coastline of Dorset. Paddle, swim, fish and journey your way along the beautiful beaches.

What to bring: Old Trainers, swimwear, pair of old shorts and towel

Booking: Pay £100 deposit to secure group bookings (6+ people) / book online for smaller groups

provider in Dorset
clients a year
age range

We take 3,000+ kids kayaking every year, so we’re experts at delivering exciting and engaging experiences for young people.

  • Group size 10+, minimum age 8 
  • Free leader place for every 10 children 
  • Sunday to Friday only 
  • Book two activities for £39pp
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Think outside the box (pub!) and join us for a unique way to explore the shores of Swanage or Sandbanks with your mates.

Cruise together along the coast, play games and improve your paddling technique – journey, fish, swim and play for a truly epic shared experience.

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